Japanese dishes

Some essential Japanese dishes in addition to sushi

Some essential Japanese dishes in addition to sushi February 23, 2022, 6:20 p.m. 2 minute read Ramen is one of the most delicious dishes that can be prepared in many ways. Do you believe in counting memories instead of calories? Getting a head start on your love for good food means trying different cuisines outside […]

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Orders are pouring in for Japanese items seen in the latest ‘007’ movie

Patience paid off for two Tokyo-based stores, with the help of the world’s most famous spy. Morita Tatami Mat Maker in Arakawa Ward and apron producer Anything Co. in Minato Ward began their efforts to enter overseas markets several years ago. This year, companies have been inundated with orders from overseas and domestically since their […]

Japanese dishes

Name the famous Japanese dishes quiz

1# It is one of Japan’s most popular slurpy dishes. Its iterations can be found in many Asian countries. Can you name it? Image credit: iStock A.Tom Yum fault✓😁😪 B.Ramen fault✓😁😪 2# There are many types of sushi. Do you know what this one is called? Image credit: iStock A. Uramaki fault✓😁😪 B.Nigiri fault✓😁😪 3# […]

Japanese recipes

20 Japanese recipes to make while watching the Tokyo Olympics

Teriyaki beef and asparagus skewers Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune Izakaya Style Japanese Spicy Grilled Wings Courtesy of McCormick Spicy sushi roll Jacqui Wedewer/The Daily Meal If you were planning to pay tribute to Japan during the Olympics by visiting your favorite sushi restaurant, try making a bun at home. This spicy sushi roll is easy enough […]

Japanese dishes

Blend of Japanese chillies enriching Japanese dishes

NNA | Update: 04 July 2021 17:21 STI Tokyo [Japan]July 4 (ANI): Soba and Udon are traditional Japanese noodle dishes very popular in Japan, but their flavor is not complete without a little extra “Shichimi”.It is the multi-purpose Japanese chili pepper seasoning that makes food more delicious by enhancing flavor. It can also be used […]

Japanese dishes

For quintessential Japanese dishes, these are the condiments and spices your pantry needs

Japanese cooking may seem daunting but with these condiments and spices in your arsenal, no dish will be out of your reach. Japanese cuisine is full of bold flavors and complexity on a level that has intimidated many who try to replicate it. You could say that Japanese cuisine is one of the most intimidating […]

Japanese dishes

5 Healthy Japanese Dishes to Balance Your Diet

Whether you’re on a diet, have health concerns, or just want to try a traditional Japanese diet, these five dishes will not only satisfy your hunger, but also keep you feeling great afterwards. Although it’s not always possible to avoid eating foods that are bad for you, adding a healthy alternative to your meal can […]

Japanese dishes

Learn how to prepare vegan Japanese dishes with this online cooking class in English

Bentoya kitchenan English-speaking Japanese cooking school in Tokyo, began offering online classes during the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic. You will learn how to prepare traditional Japanese dishes with a twist – all recipes are vegan. Bentoya cooking classes are usually held at the company’s studio in Roppongi. However, due to current circumstances, the workshops have been […]

Japanese dishes

From Sushi to Udon: 6 Most Popular Japanese Dishes You Should Try Once in Your Lifetime

You can’t call yourself a foodie if you haven’t tried different foods from different countries. You can’t miss all the different flavors steeped in the traditional richness of each country. Japan is one such country, popular for its cultural practices and cuisine. Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. It’s […]

Japanese recipes

15 Tasty Japanese Recipes Made Vegan!

While you might associate Japanese cuisine with Kobe beef and seafood, many Japanese staples are actually already vegan! This includes rice, seaweed, mushrooms, tofu, sesame seeds, and some vegetables! Even if you don’t cook vegan Japanese dishes, you probably already have some (if not all) of them in your kitchen. So why not try ? […]

Japanese pastries

Chinatown’s Japanese pastries hit the spot

A popular stop in Fresno’s Chinatown is Kogetsu-Do, a Japanese store with a long history on F Street. Lynn Ikeda-Yada owns the shop, whose name means “moon lake,” and she’s the third generation to do so. His grandparents immigrated to Chinatown from Hiroshima, Japan. There’s even an enlarged photo on the wall of his grandparents […]

Japanese recipes

Delicious Japanese Recipes from Ichigo Ichie’s Michelin Star Team

Still in the glow of a Michelin star, Miyazaki’s team shares Japanese recipes to try at home Read more: Japanese cuisine, according to Victor Barrado, head chef at sister establishment Miyazaki on Evergreen St, is all about balance. “While in a lot of Asian dishes they call for a balance between salty, sour, sweet and […]