Japanese dishes

Some essential Japanese dishes in addition to sushi

Some essential Japanese dishes in addition to sushi

February 23, 2022, 6:20 p.m.
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Ramen is one of the most delicious dishes that can be prepared in many ways.

Do you believe in counting memories instead of calories?

Getting a head start on your love for good food means trying different cuisines outside of your comfort zone.

No, we’re not telling you to eat anything nasty, but it’s okay to go beyond your usual fast food, desi-Chinese and Western.

If sushi has intrigued your taste buds, here are some other Japanese dishes you must try.

Traditional Japanese cuisine, miso is made from fermented soybeans.

The soup is made from a combination of miso paste and dashi broth (a combined broth of various fish) and is served as an accompaniment to traditional Japanese dishes.

The complex flavors of the soup help to enhance the umami flavor of main dishes.

It is often topped with green onion and tofu.

Tempura is crispy pieces of fried vegetables, meat or fish coated in tempura batter.

However, as the Indians pakodathey are not fried until golden, but until they are pale golden in color.

Tempura is mainly made up of small shellfish such as shrimp or vegetables. They can be eaten as snacks with a dip or served with bowls of rice or noodle soups.

Bento boxes are boxed meals and contain a variety of items like our Gujarati thalis.

There’s a bit of everything in small amounts – rice, pickled vegetables, a choice of protein.

Like Westerners, food presentation is of the utmost importance in Japan.

The idea with the bento box is to make it so appealing that you want to eat it right away.

There are different kinds of noodles, but one of the best known is ramen.

Yes, the Korean ramyeon you see in K-dramas is an inspiration for this variety of noodles in a spicy instant form.

Ramen, in Japanese cuisine, can be prepared in many ways.

These are fresh noodles made from wheat, usually served in a hot meat broth with eggs or tofu.

Wagashi are a wide variety of traditional Japanese sweets made with a handful of ingredients, such as rice, agar, anko and bean paste, nuts, and sugar.

They come in different flavors depending on the season and seasonal fruits.

Traditional wagashi are only made from herbal ingredients and are therefore considered relatively healthy sweets.

These beautifully presented sweets are served during tea ceremonies.