Japanese dishes

Shehnaaz Eats Japanese Food With Her Hands, Then Says This Heart-Stirring Thing

Shehnaaz Gill’s kindness has often managed to win the hearts of her fans. A new video full of her simplicity and kindness has gone viral on the internet. The video is seen eating the famous Punjabi actress ‘Bigg Boss’ Japanese food with her hands. In this video, Shehnaaz Gill very innocently talks about how she likes the Japanese dish Sushi very much, and we see her eating it by hand.

On the one hand, where many Bollywood actresses start turning off the show as soon as they see the camera, we see Shehnaaz Gill eating with her hands without shyness. Most actresses are reluctant to eat on camera, while Shehnaaz Gill is seen eating food in native style with her heart open. According to media reports, one of her videos started going viral on social media, in which she waits for Sushi sitting in the vanity with her team, and talks to her team about ordering Sushi as soon as possible.

In the video, you can see Shehnaaz Gill eating Japanese food with her hands. While his team tells him to eat it with chopsticks. In this, Shehnaaz is seen saying very simply that she doesn’t know how to eat all of these things. She would rather eat it like a Golgappa in her hand. Seeing a man next to her eating with chopsticks, Shehnaaz Gill said: Look how well she eats. After that, Shehnaaz Gill is seen eating her dish while dipping it in chutney.

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