Japanese dishes

Name the famous Japanese dishes quiz

1# It is one of Japan’s most popular slurpy dishes. Its iterations can be found in many Asian countries. Can you name it?

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  • A.Tom Yum faultβœ“
  • B.Ramen faultβœ“

2# There are many types of sushi. Do you know what this one is called?


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  • A. Uramaki faultβœ“
  • B.Nigiri faultβœ“

3# Can you also name this sushi?


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  • A.Sashimi faultβœ“
  • B.Temaki faultβœ“

4# This dish includes ingredients like seafood, meat, and vegetables that are covered in batter and fried. Do you know what this crispy dish is called?


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  • A.Osake faultβœ“
  • B.Tempura faultβœ“

5# These cold-dipped buckwheat noodles are a traditional Japanese dish that is now famous all over the world.


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  • A. Udon faultβœ“
  • B.Soba faultβœ“

6# This rice snack usually has umeboshi plums, salmon or bonito flakes inside. What do you call this?


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  • A.Onigiri faultβœ“
  • B.Temaki faultβœ“

seven# Several cultures have their own views on dumplings. Can you name the Japanese?


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  • A. Gyoza faultβœ“
  • B.Mandu faultβœ“

8# This tea is now popular all over the world for its health benefits and fresh, clean taste. It is also used in many desserts. Can you name it?


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  • A. Matcha faultβœ“
  • B. Hojichafaultβœ“

9# This Japanese hot pot uses different meats and seafood, and is a beloved winter specialty. Do you know what it’s called?

Shabu Shabu

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  • A.Jeongol faultβœ“
  • B. Shabu Shabu faultβœ“

ten# A popular dessert, this sticky rice cake is often served with red bean paste. What do you call this?


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  • A. Raindrop Cake faultβœ“
  • B. Mochi faultβœ“

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