Japanese recipes

Easy Japanese recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Baked Miso Eggs with Roasted Eggplant and Pumpkin
  • Baked salmon with mushrooms and mild miso sauce
  • Beef cheek simmered in red wine and hatcho miso
  • Cabbage and corn patties

In Japanese, cibi (pronounced ‘chi-bee’) means ‘a little’. Each of us was once a cibi, enjoying this pure, innocent time when we could do whatever we wanted. A cibi is always curious, exploring and playing.

We have opened Cibiour concept store in Melbourne – a versatile café, boutique, event and neighborhood space – in 2008, with recipes that reflect our signature style: a blend of Japanese ingredients and cooking methods with Western flavors and seasonal products, creating unique dishes that nourish body and soul.

We like to eat dishes where each ingredient can be tasted and appreciated, knowing that they have been cooked well to preserve what makes them unique; when they lose their identity in a dish, it diminishes the pleasure of eating it.

Japanese cuisine may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. These recipes will introduce you to the many ways you can infuse your cooking with beautiful Japanese flavors to make every day a little special.

Cibi, by Meg and Zenta Tanaka, is out now (Hardie Grant, £22). Buy yours for £18 plus postage at books.telegraph.co.ukor call 0844-871 1514