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Blend of Japanese chillies enriching Japanese dishes

04 July 2021 17:21 STI

Tokyo [Japan]July 4 (ANI): Soba and Udon are traditional Japanese noodle dishes very popular in Japan, but their flavor is not complete without a little extra “Shichimi”.
It is the multi-purpose Japanese chili pepper seasoning that makes food more delicious by enhancing flavor. It can also be used with pickled vegetables, miso soup, grilled meat and fish.
Shichimi means “seven spices and although the main component is chilli, it includes other ingredients that give aromatic flavor and nice smell in addition to the spicy taste.
Shichimi’s story began almost 400 years ago in this Tokyo shop where the Shichimi spice mix was invented by a Japanese merchant in 1625 to be used as a medicine that stimulates blood circulation to recover quickly from illness. ‘a sickness.
But a few years after it was produced, it turned into a spice that is added to food.

It is now produced by many companies. And the original store still retains old tools that were used when Shichimi vendors traveled from town to town grinding and selling their blend.
“During this period, four hundred years ago, our founder invented the Shichimi mixture and presented it to Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu. He was so impressed and gave a special prize to Shichimi and he became very famous Our original shichimi blend contains aromatic black sesame seeds, tangerine orange zest, premium fresh and roasted red bell pepper, Japanese sansho chili powder, poppy seeds and hemp seeds,” said Akira Kashiwaya , Yagenbori Shichimi Shop.
Customers can purchase the blend in the same traditional packaging and choose between three levels of chili strength.
“This original blend is special and it tastes aromatic and has the great smell of sansho pepper,” one customer said.
In 2013, UNESCO inscribed traditional Japanese cuisine, or Washoku, on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List.
And with the spread of Japanese cuisine around the world, the demand for Japanese Shichimi spices, essential for obtaining the original Japanese flavor, has also become very popular. (ANI)