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5 Healthy Japanese Dishes to Balance Your Diet

Whether you’re on a diet, have health concerns, or just want to try a traditional Japanese diet, these five dishes will not only satisfy your hunger, but also keep you feeling great afterwards.

Although it’s not always possible to avoid eating foods that are bad for you, adding a healthy alternative to your meal can make a difference in your diet. After learning the basics of healthy eating in Japan, here are the five best traditional Japanese side dishes to add to your diet to not only improve your nutrition, but also potentially reverse some of the damage caused by too many modern dishes. indulgent. The best part is that all of these dishes can also be found pre-prepared at most supermarkets or convenience stores – and they’re not expensive at all.

Spinach Ohitashi

It’s basically a salad of blanched spinach served with bonito flakes and sesame seeds with a dash of soy sauce or sesame seed dressing – or no sauce at all. Easy and quick to make, spinach Ohitashi can be made with fresh or frozen spinach, and can be eaten as a side dish, added to a salad mix, or tossed with leftover rice to create your own blended onigiri. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A and folic acid, which are essential for healthy bones, skin and energy. Skip the soy sauce and add a splash of your favorite salad dressing or just lemon juice instead if you want a low sodium option.



Slimy yet satisfying, to take a quote from The Lion King out of context, natto is a food you just have to get used to – in the same way that no one is born to like green peppers or other such strongly flavored foods. Natto is fermented soy served with soy sauce, Karashi mustard and sliced ​​green onions, although many also like to add a raw egg to this dish. If you need another reason to get used to eating those gooey beans, natto is cholesterol-free and rich in B vitamins (especially B2 and B6), vitamins E and K, as well as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, proteins, dietary. fiber, and more. It’s stinky and doesn’t look great, but it will have a positive effect on your health, so give it a try!


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