Japanese dishes

Sushi is everywhere. It may obscure other all-star Japanese dishes. | Eat + Drink – Monterey County Weekly NOW

When you start ticking off the American must-haves, what dishes come to mind? Burgers, of course. Maybe grilled cheese or shrimp and grits, depending on nostalgia or location. But a favorite has a lot more sway over this country’s collective palate. Sushi is on the rise. Market research firm IBISworld predicts that sales of sushi […]

Japanese recipes

3 simple dishes to make in a pan this week

Tim says: “Tantanmen, the Japanese iteration of Sichuan dan dan noodles, is one of the best ‘quick’ ramen dishes to make at home because much of its flavor and body comes from added seasonings rather than long simmers and infusions. With this recipe, I wanted it to be as simple and quick as possible, so […]