Japanese dishes

A Food Guide to Osaka’s Classic Japanese Dishes

When it comes to Osaka’s must-try foods, these classic Japanese dishes should be on everyone’s list. Osaka sits on the southern coast of Japan, wrapping around the body of water known as Osaka Bay. Its proximity to water as well as its general geography have made it a popular destination, helped by the fact that […]

Japanese items

Orders are pouring in for Japanese items seen in the latest ‘007’ movie

Patience paid off for two Tokyo-based stores, with the help of the world’s most famous spy. Morita Tatami Mat Maker in Arakawa Ward and apron producer Anything Co. in Minato Ward began their efforts to enter overseas markets several years ago. This year, companies have been inundated with orders from overseas and domestically since their […]

Japanese dishes

Kaiza Izakaya in Newtown cooks Japanese dishes with Vietnamese touches by a former Chuuka chef

Newtown and Sydneysiders alike are no strangers to izakaya-style Japanese restaurants, characterized by their small dishes, intimate settings and wide-ranging drink lists. Before the lockdown, Jason Nguyen joined the izakaya crowd by opening Kaiza Izakaya – a Newtown Japanese restaurant with a Vietnamese-style twist. Kaiza Izakaya has a laid-back layout to match the vibe of […]